Tip of the week # 559
17 December 2018

Best of 2018 - top 10 tips *

Hello for the last time in 2018.

For the fourth year running, herewith your favourite, most commented on, tips from the past 12 months. Because of all your feedback it wasn't easy to whittle it down to 10. (Thanks though - it makes my day knowing I'm saving you time and frustration!)

  1. Move or copy cells using drag and drop - Microsoft Excel - tip_530.php
  2. Display the total number of messages in a folder, including those you read - Microsoft Outlook - tip_532.php
  3. Easy way to convert formulas to values - Microsoft Excel - tip_533.php
  4. Top ten Microsoft Outlook shortcuts - tip_538.php
  5. How to put a zero in front of a number - Microsoft Excel - tip_543.php
  6. Autocomplete formulas including its open bracket - Microsoft Excel - tip_545.php
  7. Manage interruptions by setting up specific notifications only - Microsoft Outlook - tip_551.php
  8. Insert today's date or current time - Excel and Access - tip_552.php
  9. Find and insert a word with a similar meaning - Microsoft Office - tip_556.php
  10. Send a copy of your calendar as an email attachment to speed up scheduling meetings with externals - Microsoft Outlook - tip_557.php

Oh, and don't forget to check out tip_489.php before you're off on your Christmas break; it contains 5 tips to prevent email overload upon your return.

Wishing you a relaxing holiday season. Remember: Escape isn't just a button on your keyboard!


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* Unless stated otherwise, these tips were written for Microsoft Office 2010.