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Hints and Tips : Office 2000-2003

What I often hear from my course participants is that they came away with new tricks, tips and shortcuts that they never would have found on their own. In my quest to try and help you make the most of your time while using your computer I began publishing weekly tips back in the beginning of 2003. Below is an archive of tips I've cranked out so far. Feel free to reprint any of the tips (with full copyright and subscription information) in your newsletters and message boards.

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Don't forget to add this page to your list of favorite pages; simply press CTRL+D. Alternatively, if you would like to start the week with your own copy of this free computer tip covering ideas that help you make the most of your computer send a blank email to subscribe@roem.co.uk. I never sell or share the list, so you can rest assured your details will be kept in strict confidence.

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