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Roem Limited is a highly respected independent provider of one-to-one and group training courses for Microsoft Office and Windows. The Institute of IT Training - now known as the Learning and Performance Institute, LPI - has "commended ... the excellent work that Roem Ltd is carrying out".

This is a partial list of reviews from recent customers.

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"Styles are very underused in Word processing applications. This webinar goes a long way to raise awareness of this important feature in Word and other programs."
David Green, Citrix Systems UK Limited, Cambridge, 7 reasons to use Styles in Word

"Very responsive trainer, tailored learning and went at my pace."
Claire Druce, Royal Veterinary College, tailored 60-minute one-to-one Excel training via MS Teams

"The session was great and I think we all came away with a far better sense of what is possible and how to achieve it, so thanks so much."
Beth McCabe, Cambridge Community Arts, tailored Excel training

"As ever Karen manages to breathe life into a potentially very dry subject. Gives me inspiration to explore the systems knowing what they are capable of without taking too much core work time."
Lisa Jane Haycock, Royal Veterinary College, 60-minute PowerPoint webinar

"Really enjoyed it - very interactive, informal and most importantly effective learning. Thanks very much."
Claire Druce, Royal Veterinary College, 60-minute Excel webinar

"It is important to recognize, that with Excel it is a case of not knowing what you don't know. So updating your knowledge is always a good idea."
Anna Griffiths, Royal Veterinary College, 60-minute Excel webinar

"Karen was very friendly and informative. I loved the fast pace! Thought it was great and Karen made it very clear that we can get back in touch if need be and we also have an information sheet with all the instructions and tips! What more can you ask for??"
Shona, Royal Veterinary College, 60-minute Excel webinar

"Thank you so much, the session was brilliant, as always. I will definitely be implementing Styles in all templates, it's funny I use Word daily but was not aware of this functionality, it will save sooo much time and effort, thank you our little 'Star'!"
Lorraine Moore, Wellcome Trust Genome Campus, tailored Word webinar

"A course on a Microsoft Office programme utilisation would never have be my first choice for an enjoyable way to spend time, however I thoroughly enjoy every one that I have attended and I have learnt so much".
Joanne Doleman, Wellcome Sanger Institute, Cambridge, tailored Excel, Word and Outlook webinars

"Thank you so much for the workshop, your tips are always helpful. You can legitimately say that my mind was blown."
Aurora Walshe, Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge
60-minute Windows webinar in association with Cambridge Science Park