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Roem Limited is a highly respected independent provider of one-to-one and group training courses for Microsoft Office and Windows. The Institute of IT Training - now known as the Learning and Performance Institute, LPI - has "commended ... the excellent work that Roem Ltd is carrying out".

This is a partial list of reviews from recent customers.

"Found it useful on the whole. Some areas I already had some knowledge but learnt some new things as well. Tutor explained things clearly. Handouts easy to follow."
Ashok Rao, Excel Further Use course

"Love each course I attend."
Rebecca Loffman, Wellcome Genome Campus Conference Centre

"This was my third training session with Karen, and I have two more lined up for my organisation. As always, it was brilliant. Karen has such extensive knowledge of Microsoft applications and a really engaging way of imparting that knowledge to others. She is extremely conscientious and goes out of her way to make sure the training is hitting the right spot for the delegates who take part. Any questions she doesn't have time to answer fully during the session she follows up on afterwards, and encourages people to contact her if there are things they don't understand. An extremely professional trainer, but very approachable and a great sense of humour. The perfect combination.The crib sheets she provides to accompany the sessions are also great. The training is quite fast paced (which is good as there's no time to get bored) but the delegates have all the resources they need to further explore the tips in their own time."
Karen Cafferkey, Wellcome Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridge

"Karen Roem has presented two 'Microsoft hints and Tips' workshops to members of the Cambridge Science Park, with another two planned in the next couple of weeks. The presentations cover excel, powerpoint, outlook and word. The one hour sessions have been extremely well received - the crib sheets/exercises provided beforehand to attendees ensures people are able to get the most out of the webinars and Karen's easy going but professional manner is appreciated."
Julie Bushell, Operations Manager, Cambridge Science Park

"I recently had some PowerPoint training with Karen and it was fantastic. Some really useful hints and tips and was pitched at just at the right level for me to keep up. Really enjoyed this session."
Emma Turner, Mundipharma International Limited, Cambridge

"I was on the course you presented at the Cambridge Networks PA Forum last week and it was fabulous! You gave us so many really (really!) handy tips for shortcut commands that will make my life so much easier. A select few are on post it notes around my screen to remind me until they are second nature. I was left wanting more! Thank you thank you thank you."
Julie Watts, "Top time-saving tips in Microsoft Office for busy PAs, EAs and administrators"

"Thank you Karen, for such a useful training session for our PA Forum members this morning - there was so much lovely feedback. We really appreciate your support at this time. Kind regards, Andrea"
Cambridge Network, "Top time-saving tips in Microsoft Office for busy PAs, EAs and administrators"

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