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Roem Limited is a highly respected independent provider of one-to-one and group training courses for Microsoft Office and Windows. The Institute of IT Training - now known as the Learning and Performance Institute, LPI - has "commended ... the excellent work that Roem Ltd is carrying out".

This is a partial list of reviews from recent customers.

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"This course was really helpful, only one hour and so much covered. The documents provided will allow me to practice everything we covered in the session."
Kate Hawker, University of London Royal Veterinary College

"I always learn so much when attending your webinars. Now I just need to put my new skills into action."
Becky Loffmanm, Wellcome Genome Campus Conference Centre

"Karen was great - clear and knowledgeable communicator. She explained a lot of detail and managed her screen without hesitation. Hats off for effectively managing an inclusive and fact filled 2 hour webinar."
Helen Barker, European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL)

"I really liked the course and Karen, the trainer. The training was very hands on and questions were answered quickly and clearly.
European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL)

"It was good to get compact tips which I never took time to find out via help or google myself. Just these 2 hours helped to take finally time to change settings which were annoying me for long. The 2 h format is good and fitting into workload. (And luckily no hands on training happened with a lot typing as I am not able to type blind with 10 fingers.)"
Doris Jahn, European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), Hamburg

"I found this morning's PowerPoint webinar immensely helpful, thank you! I was very impressed with how much you can pack into such a short session, but still not go too fast. Well done. I mentioned at the start I was interested in any new tips (particularly keyboard shortcuts) to improve my own productivity, I ended the session with 8 post-it notes of new things! Best one: ctrl + d for duplicate, I can't believe I didn't know that, I thought ctrl + c then ctrl + v was quick. Now I'm 50% more efficient already, I've been testing it out all afternoon."
Kes Evoy, Head of Global Delivery at Velocitii Digital

"The hour I spent learning how to improve my PowerPoint skills was truly well spent, a huge amount of advice and tips. Not just one or two I might use, but lots that I will definitely use."
Rachael Brown, Cambridgeshire ACRE

"Thank you for the excellent session - it was really useful and I picked up lots of helpful tips."
Jo Smithers

"Thanks for the webinar - I'd always thought of myself as a pretty fair Office user, but you covered a whole stack of things I never realised which will make putting presentations together much faster, and I hope a little better!"
Denis W Payne

"A HUGE thank you Karen for allowing me the opportunity to join your thoroughly enjoyable virtual training course which was full of useful quick tips in PowerPoint. In the hour we had, I took away at least 7 new tips and have very proudly put them into practice today. The training far exceeded my expectations - both personally and professionally and I very much look forward to receiving your 'Tip of the week' emails."
Tracy Beales, Mundipharma International Limited

"Karen was fantastically knowledgeable and such a brilliant communicator as always, a really helpful session."
Charlotte Berrill

"A very succinct presentation and clear to follow also provided with beneficial crib sheet and 7-point guide to consider when creating PowerPoint presentations."
Amanda Nilsson, Bidwells LLP

"Great course, so many tips, I'm looking forward to trying them out. This will definitely save time and improve the presentations, creating easy to read less boring slides."
Jen Adams, AstraZeneca

"Your enthusiasm is contagious and your use of keyboard shortcuts illuminating. Not only do I feel more confident in putting a PowerPoint presentation together, but I actually look forward to it rather than dreading it!"
Mary Blackhurst Hill, House of Colour Huntingdon

"That was a fabulous presentation: a real whistle-stop tour and yet easily understandable and of course the notes to back it up mean I can constantly refer back without having to remember everything!"
Gill Wilson, Cambridge University Health Partners