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Roem Limited is a highly respected independent provider of one-to-one and group training courses for Microsoft Office and Windows. The Institute of IT Training - now known as the Learning and Performance Institute, LPI - has "commended ... the excellent work that Roem Ltd is carrying out".

This is a partial list of reviews from recent customers.

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"Still enjoying your tips about 6 years after you delivered training at Tullow Oil. Many thanks!"
Jo Smithers

"Thanks so much! That is brilliant! It saves me valuable seconds which may seem funny but when you have to do it multiple times a day, it will certainly make a difference."
Kathryn Yam, Royal Veterinary College, tailored 60-minute Word webinar

"Karen is such an engaging trainer, I was fully absorbed and learning, for what could have otherwise been a dense and dry hour. Fabulous!"
Kate Oliver, Royal Veterinary College, 60-minute PowerPoint webinar

"I thoroughly enjoyed Karen's company, she is absolutely clear and methodical relating shortcuts to other shortcuts and other software, so that you see practical applications in real life situations. All this with a bubbly, easy, fun trainer is delightful. Thank you!"
Heather Harris, Royal Veterinary College, 60-minute Excel webinar and 60-minute Office webinar

"Exceeded expectations - highly engaging presenter, packed the hour with practical tips and handouts are comprehensive and clear."
Kate Oliver, Royal Veterinary College, 60-minute Excel webinar

"Thank you again for the course today - I found it useful and informative and have already started "playing" with the tips. It is also great to be able to click on links to tips, as I realised I had not written down something I needed but could find it so quickly."
60-minute Outlook and Word webinar

"This course was really helpful, only one hour and so much covered. The documents provided will allow me to practice everything we covered in the session."
Kate Hawker, University of London Royal Veterinary College

"I always learn so much when attending your webinars. Now I just need to put my new skills into action."
Becky Loffmanm, Wellcome Genome Campus Conference Centre

"Karen was great - clear and knowledgeable communicator. She explained a lot of detail and managed her screen without hesitation. Hats off for effectively managing an inclusive and fact filled 2 hour webinar."
Helen Barker, European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL)

"I really liked the course and Karen, the trainer. The training was very hands on and questions were answered quickly and clearly.
European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL)

"It was good to get compact tips which I never took time to find out via help or google myself. Just these 2 hours helped to take finally time to change settings which were annoying me for long. The 2 h format is good and fitting into workload. (And luckily no hands on training happened with a lot typing as I am not able to type blind with 10 fingers.)"
Doris Jahn, European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), Hamburg