Tip of the week # 535
19 February 2018

Top ten Microsoft Excel shortcuts *

What I often hear from my course participants is that they came away with new tricks, tips and shortcuts that they never would have found on their own. Here are your favourite, most commented on Excel shortcuts with links to the relevant tips. I hope you enjoy them!

  1. ALT + ENTER - Insert line breaks - tip_458.php
  2. ALT + 7 - Create a bulleted list - tip_523.php
  3. CTRL + ; - Insert today's date - tip_358.php
  4. CTRL + A twice - Select the entire table, including the table headers - tip_525.php
  5. CTRL + down arrow - Move to end of a range of cells in a column - tip_143.html
  6. CTRL + G - Display the Go To dialog box - tip_472.php
  7. CTRL + T - Format as table, enabling filtering - tip_429.php
  8. F11 - Create a chart in a separate sheet - tip_388.php
  9. F2 - Switch to Edit mode - tip_53.html
  10. F4 - Repeat your last action - tip_352.php

By the way, CTRL + G also works in Word and Outlook and F4 in Word and PowerPoint.

Finally, see inc/shortcut_archive.pdf for a list of all the shortcuts published since March 2013 when we launched the 'shortcut of the week' on our home page.

Keyboard shortcuts may sometimes be unintuitive or hard to remember, but I drip feed a new shortcut weekly, to help you to boost productivity without reaching for your mouse.

If you are unsure about any of the shortcuts, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


* Unless stated otherwise, these tips were written for Microsoft Office 2010.