Weekly Computer Tip # 368
1 May 2012

Using Google to get the weather forecast

I've just read that drought-hit East Anglia may have suffered its wettest April on record, with Anglia Water bosses acknowledging the irony of the torrential rains which arrived soon after the company's hosepipe ban was enforced on April 5 - a situation now known as the "wettest drought in history". Obviously, we all want to know what the weather will be like this coming Bank Holiday Weekend so I would like to take the opportunity to link it to a tip.

Remember I told you Google's powerful search tool can be used as a calculator (tip_79.php) or dictionary (tip_72.php)? Or perhaps you're using it as a currency converter (tip_251.php) or to track your flight status (tip_278.php)? Well, you can also use Google to check out the weather.

Here's how:

  1. In Google's blank search box, simply type the word weather followed by the city or (less clicks) postal code. (For example, weather cambridge or weather cb1.)
  2. Press ENTER or the Google Search button.

Enjoy your bank holiday weekend - whatever the weather!