News releases and articles
The following news releases and articles from Roem Limited have been picked up by a number of websites and publications, such as the Cambridge Evening News Business section, Cambridge Network and Business Weekly.

Feb 2012: Open your eyes to Windows 7
Jan 2011: Roem announces two major European training contracts
Feb 2010: Hands off or hands on training? It’s up to you, says Roem
Feb 2009: New Information Management training tackles technical and strategic issues
Jan 2009: Learn how to manage your information resources effectively
Nov 2008: Now is the time for training...
Feb 2008: Get to grips with Office 2007
Jan 2008: Karen’s PowerPoint programme goes into print
Apr 2007: Award highlights Roem’s innovative approach to training
Dec 2006: Reclaiming Time: The Art of Time Management
Aug 2005: Train and tame your computer
Jun 2005: Hands Off Software Training!
Jun 2005: Blogging for Business (3 reasons why blogging can help boost your business)
Apr 2005: Don't ditch the happy sheets (7 ways to get valuable feedback )
Sep 2004: Hands Off Software Training!

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Nov 2011: The Fresh Outlook Business Profiles (Raising the profile of women in business)

Entrepreneurial women in technology in the East of England talk about their experiences
(Podcasts created from interviews held with nearly 40 women, based across the East of England)
Sep 2007: Careers in technology enterprise
Jun 2007: Why women in science, engineering and technology start businesses

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IT Training Magazine
Karen Roem, founder of Roem Limited, wrote a regular personal blog, extracts from which have been reprinted between April 2005 and January 2007 by IT Training Magazine, the UK's leading source of IT training news and official journal of the Institute of IT Training, until it handed over publication to the British Computer Society (BCS) in Spring 2007.

Jan 2007: Please do as I say, not as I do
Dec 2006: No such thing as a free lunch
Jul 2006: How I lost out to a dead guy
Apr 2006: A radio star in the making
Jan 2006: The kindness of strangers
Oct 2005: Europe's smallest state?
Jul 2005:
How I learned to go on strike
Apr 2005:
How I nearly met Bill Bryson

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On Air
Roem Limited has participated in live radio clinics with BBC radio Cambridgeshire, which went out to in the region of 25000 listeners:

May 2006: Sue Dougan show, BBC Radio Cambridgeshire
Apr 2006: Sue Dougan show, BBC Radio Cambridgeshire
Feb 2006: Sue Dougan show, BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

Karen and BBC Radio Cambridgeshire presenter Jane Smith
Webcam picture courtesy of BBC Cambridgeshire

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Tip of the Week
In April 2003 Karen introduced a free subscription to weekly computer tips, packed with time-saving tricks, tips and shortcuts. Since then she has written hundreds of tips to help computer users - at all levels - think, learn and work more efficiently. Karen's tips have been picked up by a number of websites and publications, such as the Cambridge Evening News Business section, Cambridge Network, Women at Work, and Exceptional Thinking.

April 2003 - to date: Weekly Computer Tip

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