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New Information Management training tackles technical and strategic issues

If you've ever been asked to carry out an IT task for which you have not been trained, you're not alone. A recent survey* found that 74% of IT workers employed in Europe said they'd been asked to do tasks they hadn't been trained for, which underlines the importance of ongoing training and development for workers at all levels.

And while the managers surveyed agreed that training should be part of an organisation's strategy, clearly it is not always given the priority it deserves. Technical tasks were high up the list of tasks that UK managers themselves were asked to undertake – often without receiving proper training.

It stands to reason that business efficiency and productivity will suffer if workers, including managers, are unprepared or unable to do the things they're asked to do. What companies need is a proper information management strategy, which takes into account IT training and marries technical and organisational issues.

Helping business people to develop such strategy is the subject of an innovative two-day Information Management workshop, taking place in Cambridge on Monday 27 and Tuesday 28 April 2009.

'Information is crucial to modern business success, yet all too often companies fail to effectively manage the people, technologies and systems that support and distribute it - and that includes IT training provision for key workers,' says workshop leader Martijn van der Kaaij, who is running the workshop for Cambridge-based Roem Ltd.

'Many organisations do not fulfil their potential because their information resources are not managed in a cohesive, strategic way. Asking untrained staff to carry out tasks for which they're unprepared is the tip of the iceberg and the result is waste, fragmentation, duplication and lower productivity, and these are the sorts of problems this workshop seeks to address.'

Martijn continues: ‘Most organisations have a lot of experience with projects to develop specific ICT solutions, but the development of an integrated information strategy and a corresponding information architecture has often hardly begun. This means that investments in ICT are often not as effective as they could be, and sometimes completely ineffective!

‘This course - intended for managers with ICT responsibilities, process managers, ICT project leaders or specialists, and company librarians or archivists – aims to introduce information management as the foundation for bespoke and cost-effective information services in an organisation.’

During the workshop, participants are expected to work on an assignment which can be a standard case (provided). Alternatively, they can work on a case related to their own working environment, so that they leave the course with pragmatic solutions to implement in their own organisations straight away.

The workshop, which takes place on Monday 27 and Tuesday 28 April at the Sun House, Queen Edith's Way, Cambridge, costs £895 + VAT. It includes buffet lunch and refreshments on both days and a workshop handout, as well as one month’s post-course advice.

More information: http://www.roem.co.uk/IM_workshop.html 

*Survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of SkillSoft, as reported in the Winter 2008 issue of BCS IT Training magazine


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