Tip of the week # 510
15 March 2017

Reopen recently closed tabs (Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox) *

Back in 2009 I wrote a tip on how to close a window without clicking in the upper-right corner ... simply press CTRL + W. Ever since it's one of my favourite shortcuts, but I've noticed I'm sometimes a bit trigger-happy and end up closing browser tabs I didn't mean to close. So today's tip is another great shortcut to reopen the last closed tab - and jump to it.

Here's how:

  1. Press CTRL + SHIFT + T

If you don't like keyboard shortcuts or prefer to use your mouse, simply right-click one of the remaining tabs and select Reopen closed tab (Chrome) or Reopen closed window (Internet Explorer) or Undo Close Tab (Firefox).

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* Unless stated otherwise, these tips were written for Microsoft Office 2010.