Tip of the week # 415
7 February 2014

Move or copy chunks of your document without using Cut and Paste or Copy and Paste (Word 2010-2013)

If you have used Word's built-in heading styles you can easily jump to the different sections using Word's navigation pane. (See tip_209.html if you missed this, although it was called 'Document map' back then.) The Navigation Pane is still a fantastic feature for moving between sections, but even more useful is its ability to change the order of your headings and sub-headings (and its content!)

Here's how:

  1. If necessary, display the Navigation Pane. (Select the View tab and tick the Navigation Pane check box in the Show group. Or simply press CTRL+F.)
  2. Click on any heading in the navigation pane and drag it to its new position. (A black line shows where it will be placed.)
  3. Release the mouse button and jump up and down with joy. (I do; Word 2010 has revolutionised the way I write and tweak my training material.)

You can also right-click any of the headings and select options such as Select Heading and Content, one of my favourites when I want to copy only part of the document in a new document. (Simply press CTRL+C, CTRL+N and CTRL+V ;)

By the way, since March last year I've been drip-feeding my favourite shortcuts - one a week - to help you boost productivity without reaching for your mouse. Every week a new shortcut appears on our home page, but on popular request I've created an archive that you can print and download - and keep next to your keyboard at home or at work; or stick it on your company's message board. A link has been made available within the 'Shortcut of the week' box; alternatively you can download the latest copy from shortcut_archive.pdf. If you are unsure about any of the shortcuts, please do not hesitate to get in touch.