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Weekly Computer Tip # 209
29 September 2007

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quickly jump to specific parts of your document (Microsoft Word)

Having spent most of this week developing bespoke training material, I've fallen in love all over again with Word's "Document Map". Document what? Well, as long as you've used Word's built-in heading styles, this tool will display an outline of the document's headings on the left hand side of the document window, which helps enormously when you navigate through a large document. All you have to do is switch this feature on.

Here's how:

  1. Choose the View, Document Map command. OR
  2. Click on the Document Map button on the Standard toolbar (to the right of the Drawing button).

The Document Map pane will be opened at the left side of the Document window and lists the various headings used in your document. Simply click on one of the headings in the Document Map pane to quickly jump to the preferred location.

When you no longer want to view the Document Map, click Document Map on the View menu or click on the Document Map button. (Remember? To the right of the Drawing button.)

One bit of warning though ... if you tend to split your window so that you can scroll them independently (I suddenly realise this deserves a tip in its own right! Next week?) the split box is not available while the Document Map is open.

Finally, we still have some places left on the popular half day Excel Further Use course. It's GBP97 (+VAT) only! Oh, and the maximum class size is 4, which means you get computer training in a friendly, non-threatening atmosphere. (See http://www.roem.co.uk/msexcfu.html for full details.)

Until next week.

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