Weekly Computer Tip # 385
21 January 2013

Inspect your document for tracked changes
(Word 2007-2010)

In one of my recent tips I told you how to remove tracked changes. (See tip_381.php if you missed it.) But as Bart Pattyn quite rightly pointed out (thanks, Bart!) you can also ask the "Document Inspector" to find and remove all unwanted comments and revisions, so that you do not accidentally send or store a document with potentially confidential or private remarks in it. The Document Inspector displays a summary of its results and gives you the chance to remove anything it found.

Here's how:

  1. Make a copy of the document you want to inspect for tracked changes, because it isn't always possible to restore the text that the Document Inspector removes. (Remember F12? tip_344.php)
  2. In Word 2007, click on the Microsoft Office button, point to Prepare, and click on Inspect Document. In Word 2010, select Info from the File tab, click on Check for Issues button and select Inspect Document.
  3. Uncheck any items you do not want checked.
  4. Click on the Inspect button.
  5. Review the inspection results and click on the Remove All button next to each relevant item.
  6. Click on the Reinspect or Close button.

OK, you cannot use this to accept or reject proposed changes, but it's a quick final check and best of all, it switches off the Track Changes functionality for you.