Weekly Computer Tip # 384
10 January 2013

Reset your browser's zoom level
(Internet Explorer, Firefox)

Have you ever struggled to get your browser's "zoom" level back to normal? Perhaps you (accidentally) used your mouse wheel to zoom in or out (see tip_180.php if you were unaware of this functionality) and don't know how to reset it back to the default view?

Here's how:

  1. Press CTRL + 0
NOTE: The zero does not work if you use the numeric keypad of your keyboard.

Yep, that's all there's to it. So let's throw in a bonus tip...

To increase your zoom by 10% press CTRL + + (you can keep pressing that keyboard combination until you have magnified your page to what you want it to be). To decrease the zoom by 10%, press CTRL + -. And yes, you guessed it: keep pressing that Control and the Minus sign to shrink your page.

By the way, I've tested this in Internet Explorer and Firefox, but it probably also works in other browsers.