Weekly Computer Tip # 180
1 December 2006

Using your mouse wheel to display text larger or smaller

In tip 136 I told you about browsing the Web faster and more easily using your mouse wheel (see tip_136.php). I explained that you can return to Web pages you recently visited, by holding down the SHIFT key and simply rolling the wheel up or down.

Well, your mouse wheel can also be used to change the zoom level of, say, a Word, Excel or PDF document as well as to change the text size of your Web page text or Outlook message. (Great news for those of us who are chronologically gifted.)

Here's how:

  1. Hold down the CTRL key and roll the mouse wheel away from you (up) to zoom in.
  2. Hold down the CTRL key and roll the mouse wheel towards (down) you to zoom out.

With thanks to Fraser Betts for this great time-saving tip. (But I guess I still have to make that appointment with the optician! ;-)

Finally, Happy Sinterklaas for Tuesday! If you're quick (and ignore the fact that you have to live in Groningen) you can still put your digital shoe next to the digital chimney by going to
http://www.leensweb.nl/sintschoenzetten.php and you'll find out tomorrow whether or not Sint got you something.