Weekly Computer Tip # 307
1 May 2010

Display thumbnails of all open web pages in a single window
(Internet Explorer 7)

If you're already using Internet Explorer v7 (IE7) you might like to know that if you have multiple web pages open at once, you can display a small version - called a "thumbnail" - of all your open tabs on one page, which can make it easier to find the page you want to view.

Here's how:

  1. Click the Quick Tabs button to the left of the row of tabs or press CTRL+Q (for Quick Tabs).
  2. Click the thumbnail of the web page you want view.

Alternatively, you can use the tip explained in March last year and simply press CTRL and the number of the tab you want to jump to. For example, press CTRL+3 if the webpage you want to switch to is the third thumbnail from the left. (See tip_265.php if you missed it.)

Or perhaps you prefer to use the arrow next to the Quick Tabs button, which lists all the websites that you have open? To switch to a different website, simply click its name.

We all learn in different ways, so just pick the method you like best!