Tip of the week # 451
25 June 2015

Keyboard shortcut to show a presentation on a projector (Windows 7) *

Many many moons ago (before Windows 7) it was rather tedious to connect your laptop to a projector and show a presentation on a large screen. Every laptop seemed to have a different keyboard shortcut combination, which obviously added to the stress of giving your talk. Windows 7 provides a quick and easy way to show a presentation on a projector.

Here's how:

  1. Plug the projector cable into the relevant port of your laptop.
  2. Press WIN + P.
  3. Select Duplicate (assuming you want to see your what's on your laptop on both your computer screen and the projector).

By the way, speaking of presentations ... did you know that the Number One Fear amongst adults is public speaking? Number two is death. That's right - death is number two. So for a lot of us the fear of standing in front of a crowd comes above the fear of death. Comedian Jerry Seinfeld says that this must mean that at a funeral most people would rather be the one in the casket, than the one giving the eulogy. Just realise that there are various tricks that you can use to help reduce your anxiety. Although you'll probably never fully rid yourself of all the "butterflies" in your stomach, you can get them to fly in formation.

* Unless stated otherwise, these tips were written for Microsoft Office 2010.