Weekly Computer Tip # 383
19 December 2012

Send a festive message to more than one person without revealing the recipients' addresses
(Outlook 2003-2010)

Today's tip was inspired by one of my course participants (thanks, Annette!) who emailed to ask how to send an e-mail message to, say, 20 people where Mr X cannot see that Mr Y got the same mail. And before you wonder. she wasn't thinking of spamming; she wanted to send Christmas cards and invitations for a select group of people.

Here's how:

  1. Create a message as normal.
  2. Enter the recipient email addresses in the Bcc box, separated by commas or select recipient names from your Contacts list by clicking on the Bcc button. Alternatively, enter the name of the distribution list in the Bcc field. (In Outlook 2003 the Bcc field can be found from the Options drop-down list.) 3. Compose and send the message as normal.

See tip_71.html if you want to get some additional suggestions about "netiquette".

Well, that's it for this year. Wishing you a cracking Christmas break and looking forward to helping you in 2013. Have fun and learn heaps!

Until next year.