Weekly Computer Tip # 367
20 April 2012

Minimize all inactive windows
(Windows 7)

At some point during any of my courses I mount my hobby horse and get the course participants to use the Windows key. You know, the one with the Windows logo on it, typically to the left of the ALT key. My favourite Windows keyboard shortcut is WIN+D which minimizes all your open windows, and restores all those windows by pressing WIN+D again. But what if you want to minimize all windows, apart from the one you're working on? Well, you can use "Shake" (click in the title bar of the window you're trying to focus on, and "shake" the window) which I hate, so you won't be surprised I'm still on my hobby horse and get you to use the Windows key instead.

Here's how:

  1. Press WIN+HOME to minimize all windows except the currently active one.
  2. Press WIN+HOME once more to restore all windows.

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