Weekly Computer Tip # 359
5 February 2012

Keep web pages within easy reach
(Internet Explorer 7 and beyond)

Most software programs have undiscovered functionalities lurking around. Today's tip is about an underutilised feature in Internet Explorer... the Links (IE7) or Favorites Bar (IE8 and beyond). This toolbar can be displayed at the top of your Internet Explorer window and is a convenient alternative to using the Favorites Center, keeping those web pages you frequently use within easy reach. (With thanks to Martin for reminding me about this!)

Here's how:

  1. If the Links or Favorites Bar is not displayed, right-click in the Internet Explorer toolbar area and select Links or Favorites Bar.
  2. If you still cannot see the bar, right-click in the Internet Explorer toolbar area and make sure Lock the Toolbars is unchecked.
  3. If necessary, drag the toolbar to the left, underneath the address bar, to make room for the pages you frequently use.
  4. Open the website you would like to add and drag the icon to the left of the URL from the Address bar to the Links or Favorites Bar. (You can also drag hyperlinks mentioned on a web page to the toolbar.)
  5. If necessary, rename the link by right-clicking its name. (The shorter the name, the more links you can have! ;)

If you ever want to change the order of the links, simply drag them to different locations on the toolbar.