Weekly Computer Tip # 347
6 August 2011

Email the current document, presentation or workbook as a PDF attachment
(Office 2007-2010)

Do you ever have to send a PDF version of one of your Word documents, Excel workbooks or PowerPoint presentations by email? If so, do you first convert it to PDF and then insert it as an attachment to your email message? If so, you will love this time-saving tip as you can send a copy of your file in a message as a PDF attachment without even having to open Outlook.

Here's how:

  1. In Office 2007, click the Microsoft Office button. In Office 2010, select the File tab.
  2. Click on Send (Office 2007) or Save & Send, followed by Send Using E-mail (Office 2010).
  3. Click on E-mail as PDF Attachment (Office 2007) or Send as PDF (Office 2010).

If it isn't a PDF version you're after you might like to know that you can use the E-mail option, rather than the E-mail as PDF Attachment as described in step 3, to send your open document as a "normal" email attachment. See tip_95.php (sent on 1 January (2005)... what was I thinking?!) if you are still using an older version of MS Office.

By the way, if you don't use Outlook as your email reader this option might not work.