Weekly Computer Tip # 308
14 May 2010

Move text or bullet points with a single keyboard shortcut
(Microsoft Word and PowerPoint)

If I got a penny for every time a course participant says "How did you do that" I'd have enough money to take time off to write a How-did-you-do-that-tip-booklet. But recently I was the one baffled by something my fellow Train the Trainer facilitator did when we were tweaking our PowerPoint presentation... he used a single keyboard shortcut to move some bullet points, rather than CTRL-X and CTRL-V I would have used.

Here's how:

  1. Select the bullet point you want to move. (Actually, you can just put your cursor anywhere in the bulleted text.)
  2. To move a selection up, click ALT + SHIFT + UP ARROW or to move a selection down, click ALT + SHIFT + DOWN ARROW.

And it works in Word too! Simply put your cursor anywhere in the paragraph, numbered list or bulleted list and press ALT + SHIFT + UP ARROW or ALT + SHIFT + DOWN ARROW (Thanks for the tip, Leon!)