Weekly Computer Tip # 281
31 August 2009

Download Microsoft's free interactive 2003 to 2010 guides (Office 2010)

Have you recently upgraded to Office 2010 and are horribly frustrated that you cannot find your favourite commands? (Where on earth did they stick PowerPoint's Insert, Slide From Files command? How do you create a PivotTable in Excel? Or Word's count tool?) Well, simply download Microsoft's free interactive guide and locate your pet buttons and commands even when you're not online!

Here's how:

  1. Open Microsoft Download Center.
  2. Click the relevant Download button and follow the online instructions.
Once installed, launch the reference guide and rest the mouse over a menu or button to learn its new location or click the old command or button for a demonstration.

You can also use the guide any time you're connected to the Internet, as described in tip 26 (tip_216.php) Or ... get trained! Roem Limited has successfully run roll-out programmes and upgrade presentations for a wide variety of companies. While you or your staff spends half a day learning about the new features your IT people can upgrade their computers, so when they get back to their desks they're ready (and raring!) to go.