Weekly Computer Tip # 27
17 August 2003

How to quickly correct unwanted AutoCorrections
(Microsoft Office)

By default Microsoft Office will format text automatically as you type. When typing a web or email address, for example, it becomes a hyperlink "hot spot", which goes to a web page or opens Outlook when you click on it. You can turn this feature off as follows:

  1. From the Tools menu, select AutoCorrect
  2. Select the "AutoFormat As You Type" tab
  3. Under "Replace as you type" deselect the check box labelled "Internet and network paths with hyperlinks"
  4. Click OK

Any Internet address you type will now be treated as ordinary text. However,

Did you know ...

that if you don't want to turn off the option completely but don't want it applied in a particular instance, you can click Undo on the Standard toolbar or BACKSPACE immediately after the program makes the automatic formatting change.