Weekly Computer Tip # 191
24 March 2007

translate words or phrases
(Microsoft Office)

The other day a group of course participants got really excited about Microsoft Office 2003's Research task pane. (Sorry Denis, another 2003-only tip!) I get the feeling not a lot of people use this feature and to be honest I only discovered it by mistake when I clicked on the Research button rather than the "Print Preview" button, which - I feel - looks pretty similar. (It's the one to the right, not the left, of the Spelling and Grammar - ABC - button.) Anyway. A great tool as, without leaving your Office program, you can quickly check out all sorts of reference manuals such as Encarta Encyclopedia, stock quotes, and - the one I often use - translate words or phrases.

Here's how:

  1. In your document, select the word or phrase you want to translate.
  2. Click the Research button on the standard toolbar (or select the Tools, Research command).
  3. Expand the box underneath "Search for" and select Translation.
  4. Reset the From and/or To entries by clicking on the relevant drop-down arrows.
  5. Use the vertical scroll bar in the Research Task Pane to see the translation.

Alternatively, simply point to the appropriate word (or cell in Excel) and while holding down the ALT key, simply click the mouse button.

By the way, if you'd translate the (random ;-) Dutch word "Roem" to English you get "celebrity". Guess this ties in quite nicely with the recent letter I received from the national chairman of the FSB (that is the Federation of Small Businesses, not the Federal Security Service, formerly known as the KGB). "I am delighted to advise you that your business has been selected to go forward to the next stage of judging in the British Small Business Champions Awards." (With apologies for a blatant bit of bragging, but what's the point of having your own weekly audience if you cannot stick in some mildly important news about yourself?)