Work smarter and be more productive

Recognising that a great amount of learning is needed outside formal training, founder Karen Roem offers a broad range of support services, supplementing the company's standard courses. Differences in how people approach learning calls for different kinds of support.

Most popular support services

  • 60-minute webinars
    • Join Karen for a lively mix of demonstrations and business examples and learn top tips that can save you hours of time. Choose the package that you use the most or opt to do all and become an Office wizard!
  • One-to-one training, computer coaching and 'floorwalking'
    • Work with Karen to explore your way of using your software so you can decide which areas you feel you need to know more about. Book an hour with Karen and get immediate answers and solutions to your everyday tasks.
  • User documentation
    • Karen can create user documentation or courseware for your own tailored software, accurately reflecting the features included in your setup.
  • Karen's tips
    • Since 2003 Karen has written over 700 valuable hints and tips to help computer users - at all levels - think, learn and work more efficiently. Karen's tips have been picked up by a number of websites and publications.
  • LinkedIn
    • Karen also shares what she knows for free on LinkedIn. Simply follow #CleverClogsTipTime or give the bell on her profile a ring, so LinkedIn will notify you each time she posts.

    If you cannot find what you are looking for, or would like to arrange an informal chat to discuss ways we can help you or your business, please contact us on 01223 214177 or email us.