One-to-one training

These days many people already have some computer skills - which means 'off the shelf' training isn't necessarily the best way to acquire additional knowledge. That's why we offer all our courses on a one-to-one basis, either in-house at your offices or at our own premises in Cambridge. You can also cherry-pick the most relevant course topics from the various 'off the shelf' course outlines.

Computer users often find it more helpful to have one-to-one tuition, using their own files, on their own PC or laptop, within their own environment. An effective way to do this is via 'floorwalking' or computer coaching, whereby a professional trainer is available during the working day, providing expert coaching and tuition on specific issues.

Whereas training is primarily working with someone to give them a specific skill, coaching is working with you so that you identify for yourself what is in the way of you moving forward and becoming more effective. This way, you will learn and remember more, more quickly. You will also use what you have learned for longer periods.

If you prefer telephone coaching, a programme is also available, providing support, training, and regular coaching at a frequency to suit you and your budget. An hour spent with someone who knows how to do what you want to do with your computer can be worth many hours of your time, not to mention saving you headaches and wasted energy from the frustration of trying to understand something you are not familiar with!

Whatever method of one-to-one training you choose - 'floorwalking', surgeries or coaching - it will have a high impact on organisational and individual performance.

Main benefits of one-to-one training to the individual

  • Identify solutions to specific work-related issue
  • Improve specific skills
  • Know what you don't know

Main benefits of one-to-one training to the organisation

  • A more motivated and empowered workforce
  • Greater job satisfaction as people feel more in control of their learning and development
  • A more consciously competent organisation

We regularly work with diverse organisations and businesses across East Anglia, London and the Home Counties, but are happy to travel further afield.

To arrange an informal chat to explore the possibilities for you or your business, please telephone 01223 214177 or email us.