Weekly Computer Tip # 297
23 January 2010

quickly book appointments or meetings longer than half an hour
(Outlook 2000-2007)

When you schedule an appointment or meeting in Outlook the length always defaults to half an hour. Although you cannot change the default length of an appointment, there is a quick way to book appointments or meetings that should last longer than half an hour.

Here's how:

  1. With the Calendar folder open, select the date on which the appointment or meeting is to be scheduled.
  2. In the Schedule pane click the start time, then hold down the SHIFT key and click the end time. (Each bar stands for half an hour.)
  3. Right-click anywhere in the selected area and select "New appointment" or "New Meeting Request".
  4. Complete the form as normal.

By the way, if you want to schedule an appointment that doesn't start exactly on the hour or on the half-hour, simply type a new time, such as 16.15. Or, if you're not too keen on a 24-hour clock, simply type "445p" and Outlook will see it as 4:45 PM. Or type 445a to plan an meeting at 4.45 AM. (As if!)