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Weekly Computer Tip # 88
13 November 2004

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How to change page border margins (Microsoft Word)

This week's tip is inspired by a recent telephone call from my accountant, mentor, small business guru, course participant, trainer, computer addict, coach, walking encyclopaedia ... David Frederick of Marcus Bishop Associates. David had placed a border around the entire page in Word. He noticed, however, that the page border doesn't move when you change the page margins. What you'll need to do, however, is to specify the exact position of the border on the page.

Here's how:

  1. On the Format menu, click Borders and Shading, and then click the Page Border tab.
  2. Click Options
  3. On the Border and Shading Option dialog box, which is subsequently displayed, specify the new margin(s) you want between the top edge of the border and the text.
  4. Next, select one of the following from the Measure from drop-down box:
  5. Click "Text" to position the inside edge of the page border relative to the page margin.
  6. Click "Edge of Paper" to position the outside edge of the page border relative to the edge of the page.
  7. Click OK twice.

If you cannot get your head around what option to choose (and I don't blame you! ;-) just try it out and see the result!

By the way, apart from doing my income tax David encouraged me to take the business a step further which resulted in me forming a limited company. I'm also in the process of having a logo designed by award-winning designer Ruth Brown of 10:AM. All very exciting stuff! The change in company status, however, doesn't mean there will be changes to my training portfolio; I'm still committed to sharing the best of what I know with you and will continue to focus on designing and delivering software training in non-traditional ways.

If it's time for a new logo or promotional materials, have a look at Ruth's website, http://www.10-am.co.uk/. Ruth is down-to-earth and original and designs work that's different yet reflects your business. I saw the samples of my new stationary last Saturday and was instantly smitten. Cannot wait for the real thing! (And no, I do not get commission from any service or product I mention here ;-)

Until next week.

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