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Weekly Computer Tip # 80
10 September 2004

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Keyboard shortcut to display the Save As dialog box (Microsoft Office)

As you all know by now I love keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts are faster for some, menus are better for others and icons please yet another kind of person. Some keyboard shortcuts are well known as they are even listed next to the menu options such as CRTL+C (Copy), CRTL+V (Paste) or CRTL+Z (Undo). Others are a little harder to find yet equally as useful. Up to now you have probably used the File, Save As command to display the Save As dialog box in order to save the active file with a different file name, location or file format. However,

Did you know ...

In Microsoft Office you can use a function key to display the Save As dialog box.

Here's how:

  1. With your file open, press F12.
  2. In the Save As dialog box, which is subsequently displayed, enter a name for the file in which the document is to be saved. Or if you wish to store the file in a folder other than the working folder, switch to that folder.

Not sure how you are going to remember this one as it doesn't make sense such as CTRL+S for SSSSSSSSSSave and I cannot think of a mnemonic (ideas are welcome!) but if you like it as much as I do you probably won't forget it. Different strokes for different folks!

Before I go, I want to take the opportunity to briefly mention this is your final chance to book your place on the Excel with Excel seminar, scheduled for this coming Wednesday, 15 September. Perhaps you read about this new hands off software training method in last Tuesday's Cambridge Evening News Business Section? For more information and a booking form see http://www.roem.co.uk/events.html And by the way, much of the credit for keeping me motivated and sparking off ideas to work on publicity goes to Paula Gardner of Do Your Own PR (http://www.doyourownpr.com). If any of you is responsible for getting media coverage for your company or department, I can whole heartedly recommend Paula. (And no, I do not get commission from any service or product I mention here ;-)

Until next week.

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