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Weekly Computer Tip # 79
4 September 2004

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Using Google as a calculator

Some time ago I told you how to use Google as a dictionary (see http://www.roem.co.uk/tip_72.html in case you cannot remember how. Hint: it had something to do with definition. And yes, the archive is up and running!) However,

Did you know ...

Google can also be used as a calculator.

Here's how:

  1. In Google's blank search box, simply type the calculation you'd like done.
  2. Press [ENTER] or the Google Search button.

Google's calculator tries to understand the problem you are attempting to solve using standard Excel "operators" such as:

  • * (Multiplication)
  • / (Division)
  • + (Addition)
  • - (Subtraction)

For example, to add the 17.5% UK sales VAT on GBP5.95 enter 5.95*1.175 in Google's blank search box, press [ENTER] and hey presto!

The calculator can also do units of measure and conversions which can be extremely handy for those of us (still) not used to the imperial system (or vice versa). Without giving too much away about myself ;-) simply type "10.2 stone to kilos" or "5.6 foot to meters" in Google's search box, press [ENTER] and you get your Imperial/Metric Converter.

Happy advanced Googling.

Until next week.

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