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Weekly Computer Tip # 70
3 July 2004

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Navigation keyboard shortcuts (Microsoft Excel)

To reveal columns that are not initially visible on your worksheet you can scroll the Workbook window to the right by clicking on the right arrow on the Horizontal scroll bar to scroll column by column, or by pressing and holding down the mouse button with the mouse pointer positioned on the right arrow to scroll by several columns. However,

Did you know ...

You can quickly move left or right one screen using keyboard shortcuts.

Here's how:

  1. To move right one screen, press ALT + PgUp (PageUp)
  2. To move left one screen, press ALT + PgDn (PageDown)

By the way, does anybody remember the effect of pressing CTRL + PgUp and CTRL + PgDn? (see tip # 37) ...

  1. To move to the next sheet in a workbook, press CTRL + PgUp (PageUp)
  2. To move to the previous sheet in a workbook, press CTRL + PgDn (PageDown)

Excellent time-saving tips! (I feel - hope you do too.)

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Until next week.

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