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Weekly Computer Tip # 69
23 June 2004

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Why and how to clear your "cache" (Internet Explorer)

A couple of days early (or a few weeks late - you decide) sending you herewith a tip I thought of whilst exploring and better understanding the world. (It was a very relaxing and wonderful break, though - honest!) Having used public, shared computers over the past few weeks to pick up my email I realised that the imminent holiday period is a good time to warn you about the security risks surrounding using a shared computer. However,

Did you know ...

You can clear your Internet browser's cache and history to ensure that other people using the computer (particularly public computers) do not have access to your session information.

Here's how:

  1. In Internet Explorer, on the Tools menu, click Internet Options.
  2. If necessary, click the General tab.
  3. In the Temporary Internet files area, click the Delete Files button, then click OK. (Dependent upon the last time the temporary files were deleted this may take some time.)
  4. To further ensure your privacy, you can clear the Internet browser's history by clicking the Clear History button, then click Yes.
  5. Click OK. (Dependent upon the last time the history was cleared this may take some time.)
  6. Close all open Internet Explorer windows.

Clearing your Internet browser's cache and history not only ensures that other people using the public computer do not have easy access to your session information, it is also a useful option if disk space is low as it will free up disk space on the computer.

Although all the internet places I visited were running Microsoft Internet Explorer you might be using a different browser, in which case I recommend to read the browser's help files for information on clearing the cache and history settings.

And finally, if you find yourself using a non-English version of Internet Explorer just remember that all the menu options are in the same place (so start counting ... second menu option from the right etcetera ;-)

Until next week.

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