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Weekly Computer Tip # 59
27 March 2004

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Create a hyperlink to open in a new window (Microsoft FrontPage)

A hyperlink is a connection from one web page to another destination such as another Web site. When a site visitor clicks the hyperlink, the destination is displayed automatically, "closing" down the original page and "losing" the visitor. However,

Did you know ...

You can create a hyperlink to automatically open in a new window, a technique - if used sparingly - that can be extremely helpful to your visitors.

Here's how:

  1. In Page view on the Normal tab, type the text or enter the picture you want to use as a hyperlink and then select it.
  2. Either click the Hyperlink button on the Standard toolbar or use the Insert, Hyperlink command. (Or press the [CTRL] + [K] keyboard shortcut.)
  3. On the Create Hyperlink dialog box type the World Wide Web address (URL) or navigate to the web in which the destination page or file is located, and then select the page or file.
  4. Click the Change Target Frame button, pictured as a pencil in the lower right of the Create Hyperlink dialog box.
  5. In the Target Frame dialog box select New Window.
  6. Press OK twice.

Your hyperlink will now open a new browser window when clicked.

Right-clicking existing hyperlinks and then selecting Hyperlink Properties from the shortcut menu can be used to modify existing links.

Until next week.

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