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Weekly Computer Tip # 57
14 March 2004

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Shortcut key to quickly jump to the next misspelled word (Microsoft Word)

Microsoft Word provides several ways to check spelling and grammar, one of which is that as you type, the spelling and grammar checkers check the text, and then mark possible errors with wavy underlines. You are probably aware that to correct the error, you can right-click on the word with the wavy underlines which will display a list of corrections you can choose from. However,

Did you know ...

If you want to postpone proofing a document until after you finish editing it, you can quickly check spelling and grammar all at once by using a shortcut key which will automatically jump to the next misspelled word and simultaneously open a shortcut menu.

Here's how:

  1. Point to the first wavy underline, and right-click the mouse button.
  2. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate up and down the shortcut menu and press [ENTER] to make your selection from the list of corrections.
  3. Press [ALT]+[F7] to jump to the next misspelled word, which will automatically open another shortcut menu.

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