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Weekly Computer Tip # 55
28 February 2004

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Updating the list of recently used documents on the File menu (Microsoft Word)

In Microsoft Office the File menu displays (up to nine) files you've most recently opened, allowing you to quickly reopen one of these documents by clicking on its file name. When you delete a document, however, the Recently Used File List continues to display the deleted document even though it does not actually exist. When you open other documents the list is updated, and the deleted file will eventually disappear from the list. However,

Did you know ...

In Microsoft Word you can remove individual items from the Recently Used File List by means of a shortcut key.

Here's how:

  1. Press [CTRL]+[ALT]+[-] (the minus-sign). The cursor appears as a small black horizontal bar.
  2. Point to the File menu and select the document name you want to remove.

The File menu is closed, the cursor is back to normal and the document is no longer displayed on the Recently Used File List. Press [ESC] to cancel the action without removing the unwanted document name.

Please note to use this procedure with care as you can remove any menu option from your list.

Until next week.

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