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Weekly Computer Tip # 52
8 February 2004

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Displaying and printing formulas (Microsoft Excel)

This is the 52nd tip I have written - one a week for the past year! When I originally began, I had no idea how long I would carry on but as it happens, I'm still enjoying researching and writing them. Which brings me to a simple, if somewhat selfish, request: if you enjoy these tips, if you have benefitted from these tips, if you have a story relating to these tips, or even if it's just been a long time since you said 'hello', please send me an e-mail at karen@roem.co.uk It makes all the difference to know you're out there!

Furthermore, to celebrate the first anniversary of my weekly tips and the beginning of my 4th year in business I am pleased to offer a 10 percent discount on your next booking. To benefit from the discount please mention Tip # 52. Don't delay - the offer ends 1 April 2004.

Enough "PR" ... tip-time! When you enter a formula, Excel displays the value that the formula produces. However, when you're checking your worksheet for errors you may want to view the formulas instead of the value that the formula produces. You might be aware you can modify your display options using the Options command from the Tools menu (View/Formulas), however,

Did you know ...

You can quickly toggle between normal and formula-display mode using a built-in keyboard shortcut.

Here's how:

  1. Open the worksheet of which you want to display or print formulas.
  2. Press CTRL + `(the so-called accent key located to the left of the number 1 key, above the TAB key at the upper left corner of your keyboard).
  3. If a printout of the formulas is required print the worksheet as normal. Please note that the formula-display mode expands the column widths, which may cause your worksheet to print on several pages.
  4. Press CTRL + ` again to turn off the formula-display mode and change back to displaying the value that the formula produces.

Until next week.

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