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Weekly Computer Tip # 48
9 January 2004

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Shortcut key to quickly return to your last edit point (Microsoft Word)

You all know by now that I absolutely love keyboard shortcuts as it can save yourself countless hours just by giving your mouse a rest.

Did you know ...

One of those useful Word shortcuts is to jump to the location in which you last typed or edited text.

Here's how:

  1. Press SHIFT + F5
  2. Continue to press the SHIFT + F5 until you reach your desired location.

Pressing SHIFT + F5 goes back to up to three editing points, and when you press it a fourth time, it returns to where you started, regardless of the document. In other words, pressing SHIFT + F5 will jump between documents to the last three locations used in Word.

The keyboard shortcut is useful both while editing (for instance, having copied something, to return to where you were typing previously in order to paste) and when you open a document, in order to return to where you edited it last. When you open a document, it only "remembers" the last editing point. (If you are using Word 2000 or higher, you might notice that some files you open won't "go back" when you press SHIFT + F5.)

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