Tip of the week # 422
30 May 2014

Print only one page of an email message (Microsoft Outlook)

Sorry for the radio silence (thanks for asking, Maureen) but, because of a massive recruitment campaign of one of my customers, I only go home for clean knickers, before heading back to train all newcomers. But now that I am in the office for the first time in weeks, it's tip time.

Back in March I told you how to print Outlook attachments without opening them using the Print dialog box. (See tip_418.php if you missed it and like the sound of it.) If you explored the other options in that window, you might have spotted the functionality to print specific pages of an Outlook message, similar to printing - say - the current page of a Word document. So if you only wanted to print the last part of a whole email trail, you'll love this!

Here's how:

  1. Select or open the message.
  2. Press CTRL + P.
  3. Click the Print Options button to open the Print dialog box.
  4. Under Print range type the page number(s) (say, 1) and/or page ranges separated by commas.
  5. Click on Print.

If the email has an attachment and you selected the Print attached files check box at an earlier occasion, make sure you check whether or not the box is selected.