Weekly Computer Tip # 407
11 October 2013

How to change the shape of a picture (Office 2007-2010)

Microsoft Office's built-in Picture Styles on the Picture Tools ribbon provide a quick way to add fancy borders to your pictures. But what if you want to have more control over the corners or shape of your picture? For example, during this week's PowerPoint course Lee, Theresa and Nicky wanted to round the corners in a specific way that matched the branding of their organisation. (Thanks for the inspiration, guys!)

Here's how:

  1. Double-click the picture you want to change, which will display the Picture Tools ribbon.
  2. In Office 2007: On the Format tab, click on the Picture Shape button and select the shape you want.
    In Office 2010: On the Format tab, click on the Crop's drop-down arrow, select Crop to Shape and select the shape you want.
  3. If the new shape has a small, yellow diamond-shaped handle, you can drag it to adjust the shape.