Weekly Computer Tip # 386
1 February 2013

Capture, edit, save and share snippets of your screen (Windows 7)

Have you ever tried to copy, e-mail or print just part of a busy website full of pictures and adverts? Or perhaps you want to take a screenshot of an error message to send it to your help desk? Well, PrtSc still works (see tip_31.php) but Windows 7's Snipping Tool lets you quickly isolate exactly those parts of the page you want to share and gets rid of the rest.

Here's how:

  1. Launch the Snipping Tool. (If you cannot find it in the Start menu, simply type Snipping Tool - or snip - in the search box. See tip_327.php if you don't know about this functionality.)
  2. If necessary, click on the down arrow next to New and select your favourite snipping tool. (Mine is Rectangular Snip and best of all, it seems to remember that.)
  3. Drag the cursor around the area you want to capture. (Each snipping tool has a different cursor. Rectangular Snip is shown as a white cross so step 2 might not be necessary if you look out for what cursor you see.)

As the snip is automatically copied to the Clipboard you can immediately paste it in any of your favourite programs, as normal. (CTRL+V anyone?) Alternatively, you can edit, save or share it. For example, click on the down arrow next to the envelope and select E-mail Recipient (as attachment) and send it to yourself so you can easily print it.

By the way, if you or your organisation recently upgraded to Windows 7 and you feel you are not taking advantage of its new and improved features, then come along to our next half day course in Cambridge planned for the morning of 22 April. (See mswin7wn.php.) Unlike other training providers, who often cancel scheduled courses due to lack of registrations, we respect the fact that people make special arrangements in their personal and professional lives for attending a course. So once your booking is confirmed, the course is guaranteed to run. Alternatively, we can help with roll-out training programmes in your office.