Weekly Computer Tip # 364
24 March 2012

What happened to the Up button?
(Windows 7)

In Windows 7 the Up button is no longer there. Instead, you can use the breadcrumb trail (from the story of Hansel and Gretel - or "Hans and Grietje" for our Dutch speakers) at the top of every folder window. The trail shows you exactly where you are and allows you to go directly to the location you click on. Alternatively, you can use the Back and Forward buttons to navigate through locations you've recently visited, like you would using an internet browser.

But what if you were a great fan of the Up button to view the folder one level up? (Thanks for the question, Naomi!) Well, simply use a keyboard shortcut.

Here's how:

  1. Hold down the ALT key (next to your spacebar) and press the UP ARROW.

(On a standard keyboard the arrow keys are located between the bit where you type and the numeric pad.)

If you are still using Windows XP, you can view the folder one level up by clicking the Backspace key on your keyboard.

By the way, if you want to find out how to make the best use of Windows 7's wealth of new and improved features, sign up for the half day session scheduled for the morning of Friday 20 April at the Sun House, Queen Edith's Way, Cambridge. See WIN7_halfday.pdf for full details.