Weekly Computer Tip # 346
24 July 2011

One-click Quick Steps
(Outlook 2010)

This Friday I did my first day of an Office 2010 rollout training programme and although those of you who have not as yet upgraded don't have to worry that from now on all my tips will be about version 2010, I do want to share my very favourite new feature in Outlook 2010: Quick Steps. For example, if you often move emails to a specific folder, you can set up a Quick Step to move the message in one click, or if you frequently forward messages to your boss a one-click Quick Step can be a real time-saver. Although Outlook 2010 comes with a set of Quick Steps you can easily set up your own.

Here's how:

  1. Click the More arrow at the side of the Quick Steps box, followed by New Quick Step.
  2. Choose the relevant action from the drop-down list, such as "Move to Folder".
  3. Give your Quick Step a suitable name (which - in future - you will see in the Quick Steps group) and follow the instructions in the dialog box.
  4. If you want to assign a keyboard shortcut to this Quick Step click on the Options button, but note you can only choose CTRL+SHIFT+ any number between 1 and 9. (I know: not very intuitive!)
  5. Click the Finish button.

You can right-click any of the Quick Steps to edit, duplicate or delete. Love it!

By the way, if you or your organisation are thinking about upgrading or have just upgraded to version 2010 and want to minimise loss of productivity associated with the transition I can offer half day training sessions on how the new version compares to the old one and how to perform common day-to-day tasks using the new and improved features. Drop me a line for more information.