Weekly Computer Tip # 304
28 March 2010

Quickly open a folder or document from within Internet Explorer

Hope you all remembered to change your clocks this morning? But remember: we're still an hour behind most of Europe so if you're heading off to the continent for Easter ... you'll have to set your clock forward - again! Want to find out what time it is in Amsterdam right now? Simply type "what time is it in Amsterdam" in your Google search box and similar to Google's dictionary (tip_72.php) or calculator (tip_79.php ) or currency converter (tip_251.php) the first hit is Google's converter, followed by all sorts of other useful sites. Speaking of surfing the web ... did you know that you can access files and folders stored on your computer from within Internet Explorer?

Here's how:

  1. Click anywhere in the Address bar and type the drive letter. For example, C or V or U.
  2. Scroll through the list of documents using your downward arrow.
  3. Press ENTER when the preferred document is highlighted.

And here's a bonus tip: if you type the first letter of the Internet address (for example, r) in the Address bar and there is no such thing as an R drive all websites you recently visited starting with an r (such as www.roem.co.uk ;) will be displayed. Otherwise, simply keep typing. It also lists all your Internet Explorer favorites starting with that letter, giving you quick access to those sites.