Weekly Computer Tip # 300
13 February 2010

Insert Spanish characters using keyboard shortcuts

Last week's tip on how to type international characters (see tip_299.php if you missed it) using keyboard shortcuts seemed to strike a chord. But I have to make an apology to the Spanish community who were quick to point out I missed out Ñ and ñ So if you are still typing ALT+164 and ALT+165 you can also use nifty shortcuts.

Here's how:

  1. CTRL + Shift + ~ (tilde), n OR
  2. CTRL + Shift + ~ (tilde), N

Remember: hold down the Control key as well as the Shift key while you type the tilde, then you release the keys and hit n or N.

By the way, I've had request for Polish shortcuts. Anybody out there who can help?