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Weekly Computer Tip # 29
31 August 2003

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Opening multiple workbooks in one step by creating a workspace file (Microsoft Excel)

If you usually work with multiple workbooks simultaneously, you might like the idea of opening all of them exactly where you left off the last time you closed Excel.

Did you know ...

Excel allows you to save two or more workbooks in a special workspace. Subsequently opening this workspace automatically opens all associated workbooks.

Here's how:

  1. Open the workbooks you want to open as a group.
  2. Size and position the workbook windows as you want them to appear the next time you use the workbooks.
  3. Choose the File, Save Workspace command.
  4. In the Save Workspace dialog box, which is subsequently displayed, enter a name for the workspace file. Notice that the icon representing the workspace is different from an icon representing a workbook and the name of the file ends in the file extension "xlw".

Next time you need to work with the set of workbooks open the .xlw file like any other Excel file. Excel opens each workbook saved in the workspace, remembering the size of each window and its position on the screen.

When the workspace is opened Excel considers the worksheet to have been changed even when you did not make an actual change in the data and will prompt you to save it upon closure.

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