Weekly Computer Tip # 288
25 November 2009

quickly view specific dates in your calendar
(Outlook 2000-2007)

Now that we've all ditched our filofax (/tip_286.php) you might want to get some tips on how to quickly view specific dates in your calendar. When you have the Outlook Calendar open the Date Navigator (the date picker box on the left) displays a small six-week calendar. To display a different date you can click on the left or right arrow above the date picker box to display the same date for the previous or next month. The schedule pane (the bit on the right) will list your appointments and meetings for that day. (In Outlook 2007 you will see your tasks due for that day at the bottom of the schedule pane; cannot remember whether that's the same for previous versions so let me know.)

But what if you want to select two or more dates so you can view or compare what you're up to those days.

Here's how:

  1. In the date picker box, click and drag your mouse pointer over two or more consecutive dates that you want to view or compare. OR
  2. In the date picker box, click on each date while holding down the CTRL key to select two or more non-consecutive dates.

Click on the Today Button or click on any date to redisplay a single date.