Weekly Computer Tip # 285
3 October 2009

Take a shortcut - insert new worksheet
(Excel 2003-2007)

Following last week's call for your favourite shortcuts I'm sharing one of Jonathan Grant. (Thanks, Jonathan!) Jonathan (an IT trainer himself, or as his title reads: IT & Best Practice Trainer) came across a shortcut for inserting a new worksheet, which his class loved. (And I'm starting to like it too!)

Here's how:

  1. Press SHIFT + F11

A new sheet, called something like "Sheet4", will be placed after the one you had active when you pressed SHIFT + F11. Simply double-click its sheet tab at the bottom of the screen to rename it and/or drag and drop it to a more appropriate spot.

By the way, does anybody remember what F11 does? (without the SHIFT key) See tip_18.php