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Weekly Computer Tip # 28
24 August 2003

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Shortcut key to quickly copy and align drawing objects (Microsoft Office)

To enhance your Microsoft Word or PowerPoint documents you can add drawing objects such as AutoShapes, ovals and rectangles. You can quickly copy these objects by selecting the object and pressing CTRL + C (Edit/Copy), followed by CTRL + V (Edit/Paste). The drawing objects will be stacked on top of each other and can be aligned using the Draw, Align or Distribute option on the Drawing toolbar. (If you don't see the Drawing toolbar, select Toolbars from the View menu and then click Drawing in the Toolbars list.) However,

Did you know ...

you can quickly copy and vertically align the left edges of the selected objects by using a keyboard shortcut?

Here's how:

  1. Select the object you want to copy.
  2. Press CTRL + SHIFT.
  3. Whilst holding down the CTRL + SHIFT key drag the object to the area you want it to be copied.
  4. Repeat the process if needed.

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