Weekly Computer Tip # 270
16 May 2009

Automatically display the clipboard when copying items
(Office 2007)

Last week I explained how to copy up to 24 pieces of text and graphics from Microsoft Office or other programs and paste them into, say, your Word document; see tip_269.php if you missed it. (By the way, it's also a great tip for Livelink users who want to send email links to multiple documents from a Search Result page. Simply right-click the item - its name or document icon - and select Copy Shortcut from the shortcut menu. If you copy more than one links to the clipboard you can use the Office Clipboard to paste the various links you want to send in your email message.)

If you were used to this way of working in previous versions you probably don't like the fact that the Office Clipboard isn't displayed automatically in Office 2007. OK, you have a variety of methods to display the clipboard (see step 1 below). But you can make it pop automatically, if you want.

Here's how:

  1. Display the Office Clipboard. (Remember? Click the Clipboard Dialog Box Launcher on the Home tab, in the Clipboard group. Or right-click the Office Clipboard icon on the Taskbar in the right hand bottom corner and select Show Office Clipboard. Or press CTRL+C twice.)
  2. Click on the Options button in the bottom left corner of the Clipboard.
  3. Select Show Office Clipboard Automatically.

If anything, it'll help you remember what you can do with it!