Weekly Computer Tip # 252
29 November 2008

setting calendar work days, times and holidays
(Outlook 2000-2007)

Microsoft thinks we all work from Monday to Friday between 8 and 5. (In my dreams!) As a self-confessed workaholic I want you to know that you can set your Outlook Calendar to reflect your actual work days.

Here's how:

  1. Choose the Tools, Options command.
  2. On the Preferences tab, in the Calendar section, click Calendar Options.
  3. In the Calendar work week section, (un)select the relevant check boxes for the days.
  4. In the Start time and End time lists, select the start time and end time of your work day. (That way people won't send you meeting requests for 8 o'clock if you don't start until 9.)

By the way, if you do a lot of business with people in other countries, you might want to add their public holidays to your Outlook calendar. Simply click the "Add Holidays" button, select the country's check box and click OK. (Just found out 3 October is Day of German Unity, so anybody in the UK interested to get training that day as I'll definitely won't be working in Frankfurt!)