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Weekly Computer Tip # 24
27 July 2003

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Shortcut key to automatically insert a sum for a range of cells (Microsoft Excel)

You can automatically insert a sum for a range of cells by using the AutoSum button on the Standard Toolbar. However,

Did you know ...

you can use Excel's built-in keyboard combination as an alternative to clicking on the AutoSum toolbar button?

Here's how:

  1. Select the cell where you want to insert the sum
  2. Press ALT + = (the equals sign on your keyboard). Excel will suggest the range of cells to be added. If the suggested range is incorrect, drag through the range you want
  3. To accept the suggested formula press ENTER or TAB

If you just want to know a total without entering it into your workbook, select the range of cells and look at the right side of the status bar near the bottom of the screen. By default, this area displays the total (sum) of the numeric entries in the currently-selected cells and displays that total on the Status bar. If the status bar is not displayed, click Status Bar on the View menu.

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